Prof. Lakshmi Shukla

Message From President

In present tine when leading global economies are facing challenges to maintain their growth rate, Indian economy is growing at the rate 7.9% and ready to become the third largest economy of the world by net decade and youth are expected to be the key contributors in this, To promote the youth in India, Government has initiated programmes like Start Up India, Digital India, Make in India, .Skill India etc But, youth will able to expedite these scheme only if they are well educated and aware, To fulfill these prerequisites of youth development we are ready to inculcate. entrepreneurship skills in the students, The aim of education at. MARE is to ingrain multi-talent in students and make them help to excel in life, We educate students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to develop their skills and lead them to path-breaking initiatives, We promote continuous. enhancement of teaching skill& Our institute has upgraded to smart classrooms and made the campus wi-fi. We are dedicated to serve the rural community and elevate the institutes as centre for excellence in providing education to masses and dream to develop smart villages along with smart cites.