The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made global community to rethink and restructure the existing work style and lifestyle. This has forced earth to press a reset button, where the physical distance is expected to increase and communication technology will bring the world closer. In coming times it might be possible that the tertiary and quaternary employment sector viz. doctors, teachers, businesses will be available only through the online platforms. Keeping this in mind we at MAHE Institutes have started our online classes and our students got benefited during this pandemic. Every great institute has relied upon the innovations and our mentors have always assured that our students get access to every new technology available for this we have started Learn by Lab programme where we emphasize on practical learning and have updated our laboratories and established new innovation hub at Bansur College. The second important programme is Paper to Palm, where we have launched our Mobile App which makes notes, tests, video lectures available to students through their smart phones. The institute is ready to launch its Library to Lap programme from this session in which e-books will be made available to our students.
We have observed that many students prepare for competitive examination and join coaching classes along with the college and many time it happens that student cracks the competitive exam but fails to pass the university examination. For this the online classes will be helpful to such students for preparing for university examination along with their competitive examination. Our institute is also working to provide class notes to the students so that they can focus on understanding the content rather than spending time in noting down the class notes. Our institutes rely upon four pillars i.e. Discipline, Quality, Innovation and Social Service and our staff is tirelessly working for overall development of students.


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Secretary General, MAHE Group of Institutions