Message from Director General

In last four decades I have witnessed fundamental changes in every aspect of life, viz. nature of jobs, lifestyle, food habits, etc. But, the situation of higher education in India is still the same. During 80’s our higher education institutes witnessed their golden era but with time they didn’t updated themselves which has led to the current abyssal situation and are now considered NPA (Non Performing Assets). The need of hour is to make of institutes centre of Skill development, where students are taught problem-solving skills. The modern institutes need to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary form of teaching-learning process. We at MAHE institutes have endorsed new techniques for educating the youth which includes, Online classes, smart e-books, e-library, self-test creation, mobile app, innovation hub, etc. by means of which our students will become smarter.

With availability of world class education facilities at MAHE Education Institutes, I hope that the students of our institutes will contribute in making India a Global Super Power and bring pride for the institutes.

Professor R.K. Gurjar